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Convert a .NRG file into an .ISO file

An .nrg file can be easily converted in a ISO 9660 file by skipping it’s initial 150 2048-blocks:

dd if=image.nrg of=image.iso bs=2048 skip=150

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Disabling Firefox “Download Completed” notifier

It’s the clumsy, irritating window-ish and useless pop-up that appears on the right bottom corner after a download is completed.

It’s useless, because I can monitor downloads by opening a file manager window in another workspace. It’s irritating because when it appears, it prevents my to click on the workspace switcher (usually I have Firefox open on a workspace, and move to others when needed).

Thankfully, it could be disabled, by entering about:config on the address bar, then searching for and setting it to false.

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