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MSI WIND Webcam for Fedora 9

MSI WIND has an integrated webcam, to configure it on Fedora 9 you’d better  have the latest firmware installed, available from MSI website. I’m not sure that this is actually required, but this is my configuration.

Check now that you have an uvcvideo kernel module installed:

lsmod | grep uvc

you should get something like this:

uvcvideo              49928  0
compat_ioctl32    5120    1   uvcvideo
videodev              29824   1   uvcvideo
v4l1_compat       15876   2   uvcvideo,videodev

If such, your webcam is probed but not correctly configured. To do so, type:

rmmod uvcvideo

modprobe uvcvideo quirks=2

You can test that everything works by using mplayer to display the webcam output:

mplayer -fps 15 tv://

Now, you can make changes permanent by editing /etc/modprobe.conf to add this line (the file does not exist if you have just installed the system, so create it):

options uvcvideo quirks=2

and test that works at the next reboot.


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One Response

  1. Thanks for sharing the solution.
    I was having the same issue (webcam not being detected) on an MSI Wind U100 running Joli OS 1.1 (aka Jolicloud).

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