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Install Fedora 9 on a MSI WIND

I’ve recently bought an MSI WIND U100, it came with a pre-installed Windows XP and I started to install Fedora 9 on it, I will keep Windows as it could be useful in some environments, but my interest is in having Fedora running.

First step is in installing Fedora over it, the 80 GiB disk conveniently ha three partions, the first is for recovery, the second has Windows XP, so I splitted the third for a tiny boot partition (which is requested by Anaconda, altough BIOS is capable of booting from anywhere) and a large LVM volume, where I carved out a root partition and an encrypted home partition, a security wise solution as it’s a notebook which means that has the tendency to be shipped away from its legitimate owner. The LUKS passphrase used for the home directory was strong, so I can use a weak and distinct password for the system user.

Installation requires a Fedora respin that you can find here. I picked up a USB pen drive, then I use the livecd-iso-to-disk (yum install livecd-tools) to make it bootable. The process does not destroy any data on it, and at the installation prompt I gave linux askmethod, to choose the installation source (I opted for a HTTP based installation).

The installation went smooth, later I customized the system to have compiz installed (I can made very impressive presentation with it!) and updates are flowing. The only problem I’ve noticed is that sometimes on boot the system hangs at the ACPI discovery phase, don’t know why.


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