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How to be dishonest and live happy

It’s simple, write something like this.

The bottom line is: Debian is far more secure than RHEL and Fedora, not due to technical reasons but for their development model. When Debian’s openssl was compromised, they immediately issued a warning, told their users what to do, whilst Red Hat and Fedora were obscure, pointless and corporate-minded.

Dude, you are forgetting that it’s entirely possible that the Debian’s openssl security bug could have been the patient zero, and actual compromise of Red Hat’s server could have been happened starting from a stolen passkey. Also, you are forgetting that, being Red Hat a corporate with some billions cash (of course, they have so much money because it’s plenty of stupid people like me that pay them for their services) they were forced to work closely with law enforcement agencies such an intrusion could occur, and when FBI reaches the crime scene they are not primarily interested in sending an e-mail message on the mailing lists to tell them “ehy, we are here to save the day!”.


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