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Fedora 9 bluetooth file sharing: I’m missing my menu

In Fedora 8, people that want to send a file from their cell phone to Linux via bluetooth have to connect their bluetooth dongle, click on the bluetooth icon to join the ad hoc network, and then on the “Internet Menu” (if I remember correctly) there was a “Bluetooth File sharing” that does exactly what it means.

Ok, it was not a very well integrated solution, but it seems to me that in Fedora 9 there’s a serious usability problem.

Here and now, there is no longer a “Bluetooth File sharing” menu item, instead you have to click on the “System Menu”, then the “Preferences” sub-menu, then the “Internet and Network” and finally you find two items, “Bluetooth” and “Personal File Sharing”, where you defines how to deal with Bluetooth.

It takes some time to figure that this is the intended procedure, i.e. that the disappeared “Bluetooth File Sharing” menu item was not disappeared due to a missing package, but as a result of a new design. Shouldn’t be better to allow for a “fake” menu item that tells the user about the new procedure? Or to add a button to the Bluetooth icon (that promptly appears after connecting the bluetooth dongle) where to fix and control how to send and receive files?


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