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Upgrading Fedora 8 to Fedora 9: lot of pains

Today I decided that I must upgrade to Fedora 9 (lazy day…), and I choose to do that in the proper way (i.e. not using Yum but with Anaconda: this requires burning a DVD, something I feel unappropriate from an environmental point of view, as I will use that DVD only once).

Update was some of a disaster. Altough the installer didn’t complain at all, the Fedora 9 kernel wasn’t installed, and grub.conf was altered with root (hd1,0) in the place of root (hd0,0), which result in a GRUB shell after the reboot.

I fixed it, restarted the system, ran grub-install, and then see that Python has been broken, so Yum doesn’t work (with the infamous “No module named _sha256” error). As I’m accustomed with this problem, I manage to download Pyhton and Python-libs RPMs from a Fedora 9 repository, force the removal of the old ones and then install the brand new packages, and then I was able to run a massive “yum update -y”, that downloaded 1.2 GB of binaries (638 packages), requires to manually remove some conflicting packages (lirc and qt4) and then, after one hour of work give me a working system.

It appears that, somehow, the installer wasn’t able to remove all the Fedora 8 packages, this causes the Python/Pyhton libs version mismatch, and probably stops the upgrade processes.

I can accept the Python problems (it’s not the first time I encounter them, and they could be related to something I made maybe years ago on this system, leaving it in a unconventional configuration that the installer is unable to understand and manage properly) but I find completely unacceptable that Anaconda breaks GRUB configuration. Yes, I asked to do a new configuration of GRUB during installation time, but Anaconda should understand which hard drive is hd0 and which is hd1. At least, it should allow me to manually edit the configuration file, while in fact the entire installation process appears to me too much “streamlined”, i.e. we do it for you, we know what to do, and this was too optimistic an assumption.

These are for the pains, not sure about the gains. It seems to me that Gnome takes considerably more time to start, and Firefox 3 doesn’t seem so faster than Firefox 2.


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