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Red Hat Open Source Day in Rome

“You can try to avoid open source, but it’s probably easier to get out of the IT business altogether. By 2011, at least 80% of commercial software will contain significant amount of open source code” (Mark Driver – VP Partner Group)

“Service is largely a service industry operating under the persistent but unfounded delusion that is a manufacturing industry” (Eric Raymond, The Magic Cauldron)

“In spite of the rise of Microsoft and other giant producers, software remains in large part a craft industry” (Freeman Dyson, “Science as a craft industry”)

These are some of the most remarkable quotes that are part of the presentation that Gianugo Rebellino, CEO of Sourcesense, made at the Red Hat Open Source Day, held in Roma on June the 10. If a good presentation is one that gives the audience something unique, something that you can’t find along the slides, the one made by Gianugo Rebellino was simply stellar, I consider myself lucky to have attended it.

Many thanks to Red Hat people that have organized the meeting, a nice way to keep in touch with the people that does open source in Italy.

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