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Fedora Party in Rome

For many years, the only event devoted to promoting Linux in Italy was the Linux Day: at the end of October, in hundreds of cities all around Italy there’s a day on Linux: talks, demos, people gathering to know and chat each other. It’s quite impressive that such a spontaneous flow of people meets to talk about an operating system: I wouldn’t say that everything was ok, some talks were horrible and some others fabolous, some LUG are quite capable of putting in place a convention whilst others need more time and practice, but the results are globally more than positive. I had a talk in the past three Linux Day, so I’m definitely in the business 🙂

The only limit that I have experienced was that you put in the same place people with differerent expectations: from the open-minded person, who knows a little (if any) of Linux, to the enterprise user, from the slackware-is-my-religion tech guy to the won’t-ubuntu-be-too-difficult-for-me newcomer.

So I’m happy that, on a smaller scale, more focused meeting are going to take place. I’ve heard something for Ubuntu, but as I don’t use it I wasn’t interested in. I’m a long-time Fedora user, so this Fedora 9 party in Rome struck some chords within me.

Altough I’m buried in finalizing my Ph. D. dissertation, I can hardly wait, as there are people in this meeting I’ll be glad to know and have some ideas exchange.

Depending on the weather, I may or may not wear my Red Hat Polo, so you have some good reason not to worry about your clothing.

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