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Mongrel integration for RHEL, Fedora and derivatives: new release

I have made a new release of my script for controlling mongrel instances in RHEL, Fedora and derivatives.

The most important thing is that now you can selectively choose which instances start or stop. To do so, after the start or stop directive, you can add a prefix, each filename starting with that prefix (and ending with .conf, as usual) will be processed.

As an example, if you have these instance description files in your /etc/mongrel:

a command line as service mongrel start test will start each instance described by a filename like test*conf, so for the above example you’ll start the instance(s) described in In the same way:

  • service mongrel start new will start instances described in and;
  • service mongrel stop newapp will stop instance(s) described in (newportal.etc won’t be touched);

If you don’t specify any prefix, the command will be applied on all files. Note that service mongrel status will ignore any prefix.

Click on the link to download the mongrel service script.

EDITED: The script is available here, but you can better use mod_passenger, which embed a Ruby interpreter in an Apache or NGINX web server.


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