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Why we need to deploy IPv6 inter-networks, and why we need it now

As I have a background from the research, I always found IPv6 as a excellent protocol, because it solves so many problems that IPv4 has, and allows us for building new infrastructures and services on top of it.

IPv6 deployment is minimal at best, and even in the research community there are resistances. I submitted an article to a workshop which shows an architecture that has great benefits from using IPv6 as transport protocol: using IPv4 as transport protocol is affordable only for customers that can afford pay a lot of money to have dedicated circuits, when the adoption of IPv6 solve the specific problem (of which I wouldn’t say more, sorry) for everyone, by doing the correct resource allocation at the proper level. This article has been refused because, among other things, it’s using IPv6 which seems exotic, not an urgent necessity.

I’m working on an expanded version of the article, that I’ll submit to a more network-aware conference, but I see this refusal as a clear indication that some people, even the most supposed tech-savy, does not realize that we are going to hit a wall, and hit it badly.

Articles begin to appear in the specialized media to suggest people to begin thinking to switch, this reports the opinion of John Curran, Board of the ARIN in the last decade. He evaluates the problem as complex as the Y2K problem, ad he’s shifting (partially) the problem solution from the service providers (that I guess could temporarily accept a balkanized Internet) to content providers: social sites cannot accept to be segregated to serve only a part of the Internet users, and as they are valued in the order of billions, they could give some help or, at least, pushing for the adoption of the IPv6 model. Suggest this article to your web content manager, when you require some IPv6 related budget.

People more interested in the mathematical model can worry themselve by reading the details and begin the countdown: we have between 2 and 4 years.


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